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The Bassington S52 ELECTRIC

The Bassington S52 ELECTRIC

The Bassington S52 ELECTRIC 


The Bassington electric stove is designed to mimic a traditional log
burner, forging a cosy and warm ambience within your living space.
With its stunning flame patterns and realistic hand decorated loose
log fuel bed, the Bassington electric stove is a great addition to any
home. Paying homage to our number one best-selling multifuel stove,
this electric version of our Bassington ECO allows homes without a
chimney or gas supply to indulge in the enjoyment of having a stove.


The Bassington electric stove provides a 1kW – 2kW heat output for a
generous burst of heat into the room.

On mild summer evenings when you don’t need additional heat, you
can still enjoy the ambience of this stove by using the flame only setting.


Featuring 4 brightness settings and 16 flame effect colours, this remotecontrol
stove offers plenty of choice from the comfort of your sofa.


Without the need for a chimney or flue, this versatile stove can be placed
almost anywhere in the home. For added realism, the Bassington electric
stove is supplied with a decorative flue spigot allowing the addition of
flue pipe to suit your aesthetic requirements.

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