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Viva L 120 by Rais

Viva L 120 by Rais

At RAIS, you will find many different free-standing gas fireplaces – all in a modern, timeless design and made of the best quality materials. The free-standing gas fireplaces can be customised so you get a gas fireplace that is perfect for precisely your home. That means you can choose the colours, heights, side glass, top plates and much more. Try it with our Customizer here.


Our free-standing gas fireplaces come in different sizes to match different interiors. Choose, for instance, the minimalistic and slightly smaller gas fireplace Q-Tee 2, or choose Nexo Gas, which comes in five different heights, from 100 to 185 cm.


When operating your free-standing gas fireplace, just use the factory-supplied remote control or an app for your smartphone or tablet. You turn on, off, up and down the heat, set the timer and much more with just a click of a button. It is incredibly easy – you just lean back and enjoy the warm and cosy fire.


The free-standing gas fireplaces have beautiful and authentic looking flames that look just like a traditional fireplace. Ceramic logs, coal and filament create a fantastic live fire. There is practically no cleaning tied to free-standing gas fireplaces – you just wipe the glass clean from time to time. The gas fireplaces can be hooked up to bottled gas, natural gas or city gas.

See the large selection of free-standing gas fireplaces from RAIS and find the one that is just right for your home.

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