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We stongly believe that choosing a fireplace is such a personal choice and also very confusing at times. With so many choices available on the market with so many factors to consider. 

Here in the our little shop we encourage our customers to come in with pictures and dimensions of their home and space, together with magazing cutouts or pintrest boards so we can help unravel and bring together all the elements from style  to practicalities. 


We survey each and every project. We will come to your home and carefully measure and access your space and ensure that together what we have discussed in the shop can become a reality. 


This is where we pull everything together. We will give you an installation date and the rest is up to us. We will ensure that everything runs smoothly. 

After Care

Being a local independent family run business, it is really important to us that all our customers have had an excellent journey with us. Our door is always open for anything you need, whenever you need it!

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